Friday, August 31, 2012


I've decided I wanted to take a step back from my work today and grade all of the money making opportunities that I've talked about in this blog, whether it's a make money online business, or a home based business. 

The first and the only A company is Ambit Energy.  There's a few reasons that Ambit is my top grade.  1st is the "product".  Simply put, there is no product.  It is something everybody uses every day and something that everybody would be happy to have cheaper. 

The 2nd reason that I am Pro Ambit is the absolute trust I have in the company.   The co-founders, from all of the research I have done, are stand up guys who are committed to building the company first-not their bankrolls.

The best reason I like Ambit, however, is this:

That's only the residual income-there's 3 other ways we get paid, all of which can bring in thousands each month.  It's not that tough to get your family/friends involved, so why wait?

The program I rank 2nd would be the affiliate link, Partner with Paul (B).  Partner with Paul is an online money making program where you get paid for people filling out their email/other info and that's it.  No selling, no money involved-nothing except clicking a link and entering your info.  The only downfall here is that the money you can make isn't that significant compared to the other online money making programs.

The 3rd program I would rank would be Instant Rewards.  I would give it a B-.  The reason for this is that I feel like it is a solid program, especially if you have people lined up who want easy money.  You can make $40 solely through having people complete 80% of free trials. 

The reason the program is ranked lower than the others, however, is that, as stated, a few of the links are outdated.  If this is fixed up, Instant Rewards would be higher on my list.

This program is also good to partner with a program like Motor Club of America.  If you can get people to sign up for the free offers here, you can tell them that you will send them the $40 you made through Instant Rewards to pay for Motor Club of America-thus making $80 for them signing up.

Easily the worst program I have looked at so far is Brux Inc (F-).  After additional research (and, thankfully, no money invested), I realized this site was run by a know scam artist who has run this type of program before.  Simply put, Brux. Inc. is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. 

I'm not planning on rating MCA at this point.  There is too much going on with the company right now.  I will update ASAP though as soon as I figure out the new payment method.

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." - Jim Rohn 

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