Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ambit Energy

I will sporadically be posting different ways to make money, both online and offline.

The biggest money winner that I have found so far also happens to be the most reputable company.  That company is Ambit Energy.  Ambit has produced over ten millionaires in less than 7 years while being well on their way to reaching their goal-to be the most RESPECTED Energy company in the country.

Ambit's co-founders come from a fortune 500 background.  The first co-founder I will tell you about is Jere Thompson.  Thompson comes from a long line of success.  His grandfather was the founder of the Southland corporation-the corporation that runs 7-11.  What Thompson brought to the table from 7-11 is a familiarity with Shell Oil.  With this familiarity, Ambit struck a deal and is able to provide cheaper energy to customers in different states. 

Chris Chambliss brought experience in a deregulated market.  For those that don't know, energy has just recently been officially deregulated throughout the US.  What this means is that consumers are finally allowed to choose who supplies their energy to them. 

Chambliss' experience in deregulated markets comes from when telephones were deregulated.  Chambliss worked with Excel communication.  The marketing for ambit (direct marketing) is a form of what they used at Excel. 

Ambit is the perfect company for a few reasons-there is no product to sell, no inventory to stock, nothing that you really need to convince people to do.  You are saving people money-that's it.  All they ask you to do is find about 20 people (friends, family, whatever) who want to save money and/or would do you a favor. 

After that, you just need to find people who want to do the same thing.  It's as simple as that. 

While all of this does seem easy, it becomes even easier once you see the compensation plan.
Please see  this link and click on the income tab to see the type of money you can be making today! It truly is life changing money.


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